Dolatabadi, Ali Bagheri

Фамилия:  Dolatabadi
Имя:  Ali Bagheri

Associate professor of International Relations in Department of Political sciences, Yasouj University, Iran. He is the author of From Hashemi toward Rouhani: A Study on Iran Foreign Policy in Shadow of Constructivism Theory (Tehran: Teesa, 2013) and Revolution of Egypt (Tehran: Group of Africa, 2012) as well as the translator (into Persian) of books: Arms and the People (Mike Gonzales and Houman Barekat, Pluto Press, 2013), Islam and the Path to Human and Economic Development (Abbas MirAkhor and Hossein Askari, New York: McMillan, 2010), Faith and Power: Religion and Politics in the Middle East (Bernard Lewis, New York; Oxford University Press, 2010), The U.S – Soviet Confrontation in Iran 1945–1962 (Kristen Blake, University Press of America, 2009).

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