Seifabadi, Mohsen Shafiee

Фамилия:  Seifabadi
Имя:  Mohsen Shafiee

Assistant Professor of Political science. He teaches in universities of Iran. He is the Specialist of Iran's Foreign Policy and author of the book From Hashemi toward Rouhani: A study on Iran Foreign Policy in Shadow of Constructivism Theory (Tehran: Teesa, 2013). He is currently working on a Series of articles on ISIS. He is the author of several books in political anthropology, including Imam Khomeini Anthropology and Indigenous Development in Iran ( Tehran: Publication of Imam Khomeini organization, 2016), Religion Interpretation and Its Effects on Political Thought of Mohammad Taghi Mesbah-e-Yazdi and Mohammad Mojtahed-e-Shabestari (Shiraz: Ayrik, 2010).

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