Harper, Tony

Фамилия:  Harper
Имя:  Tony

Antony Harper, a researcher in the general area of applied mathematics to human his-torical processes, also understood as quantitative history and more appropriately, using Peter Turchin's term, as cliodynamics. He is currently associated with both New Trier College and Benedictine University. His primary research interests are modelling the pattern of urbanization over recorded history, i.e., from approximately 3000 BCE to the present. More currently these interests include understanding the consequences of this urbanization pattern, applying the model of punctuated equilibrium, originally propounded by Eldridge and Gould, to the pattern of urbanization, understanding why complex systems in general should exhibit the PE pattern of growth, and within the constraints of punctuated equilibrium beginning to understand the context and mechanisms that bring about punctuated change, i.e., quite frankly, understanding what causes historic tipping points.

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