Joorabchi, Toktam Namayandeh

Фамилия:  Joorabchi
Имя:  Toktam Namayandeh
Received her bachelor in social science, in Branch of social research, from Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, Iran. The title of my Bachelor's thesis was ‘the content analysis of Rakhashan Bani Etemad's movies’. She obtained her Master in communication technology for development from Universiti Putra Malaysia and PhD degree in mass communication in mentioned University. The title of her thesis in Master was ‘Internet usage among female undergraduate's in Ferdowsi University, Iran’ and for PhD was ‘Internet usage and its effect on Positive Youth Development (PYD) in Malaysia’. And got her Post-Doctoral from National University of Malaya (UKM). She is experts in Media, especially Internet and mobile phone usage, Positive Youth Development (PYD).

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