Nazaretyan, Akop P.

Nazaretyan, Akop P.
Фамилия:  Nazaretyan
Имя:  Akop

Akop P. Nazaretyan is Director of the Eurasian Center for Big History & System Forecasting, Senior Research Professor of the Institute of Oriental Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Professor in Moscow State University and Editor of the academic journal Historical Psychology & Sociology (in Russian). He is the author of over 300 scholarly publications, including books: Intelligence in the Universe: Sources, Formation and Perspectives (1991, in Russian); Aggression, Morals and the Crises in World Cultural Development (1995, 1996, in Russian); Aggressive Crowds, Mass Panic, and Rumors: Lectures in Social and Political Psychology (2001, 2003, 2005, in Russian); Civilization Crises within the Context of Big History: Self-Organization, Psychology, and Forecasts (2001, 2004, in Russian); Anthropology of Violence and Culture of Self-Organization. Essays on Evolutionary Historical Psychology (2007, 2008, in Russian); Evolution of Non-violence: Studies in Big History, Self-Organization and Historical Psychology (2010, in English). His e-mail is: 

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