Okuroğlu, Selahattin

Фамилия:  Okuroğlu
Имя:  Selahattin

M. Selahattin OKUROĞLU educated in the fields of engineering and economics, he graduated from İstanbul University Faculty of Economics in 2003. After a short career in finance and stock markets, he completely changed over to the academic field in communications and mass media research. Recently he is a doctoral candidate in Anadolu University Department of Press and Publication. As well as his doctoral thesis and field research in the critical media literacy, he studies in critical theory, political economy, cognitive development and socialization, media economics, economy journalism, pragmatics-linguistics, cultural analyses, postcolonial theories and statistical methods. Okuroğlu is also writer of several articles and book sections with the editorial and co-writing of Erdal Dağtaş.

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