Powell, Jason L.

Фамилия:  Powell
Имя:  Jason L.

Jason L. Powell works at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He is also visiting Re-search Fellow in Gerontology at the University of Oxford and Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. His research is on ageing, social care, community development, life-course, globalization, China, qualitative methodology, social justice and global dynamics. He has published over 400 refereed articles, book chapters, reports and has 40 books out or in press – Aging in China (2012); The Global Dynamics of Aging (2012); Social Welfare, Ag-ing and Social Theory (2012) etc. He is Series Editor of (i) International Ageing; and (ii) International Social Policy for Springer Publishers. He won 'Highly Commended Article Award' in The International Journal of Sociology & Social Policy. In the USA, The Journal of Applied Gerontology had a special edition on his work on Foucauldian approaches to age-ing. He has been invited and served on over 110 editorial boards across the world, is Asso-ciate Editor of The Canadian Journal of Sociology, and is Editor-in-Chief of US-based in-ternational journal, Illness, Crisis & Loss. He has been Visiting Professor in US, Canada, South Africa, Jordan and Australia.

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