van der Vliet, Edward C. L.

Фамилия:  van der Vliet
Имя:  Edward C. L.

Edward C. L. van der Vliet is Senior Researcher at the Department of His-tory, University of Groningen. His main research interests are: state formation and the emergence of the polis in Archaic Greece (800–500 BCE); political culture and the evolution of the political system in the Greek polis of the classical and early hellenistic periods, in particular Athens; Ethnographic (and geographic) representations, concepts and ideology in the Hellenistic period and early Roman Empire, in particular in the Greek historical and geographical literature. Relevant publications: L'ethnographie de Strabon: idéologie ou tradition? in: Francesco Prontera (ed.), 1984: Strabone. Contributi allo studio della personalità e dell' opera, Perugia: Università degli Studi; ‘Big-Man’, Tyrant, Chief: the Anomalous Starting Point of the State in Classical Greece, in: M. A. van Bakel, R. R. Hagesteijn and P. van de Velde (eds.), Private Politics. A Multi-Disciplinary Ap-proach to 'Big-Man' Systems, Leiden: Brill, 1986; Models of Political Evolution and the Formation of the Polis, Pharos. Journal of the Netherlands Institute in Athens 8 (2000): 129–148; The Romans and Us: Strabo's Geography and the Con-struction of Ethnicity, Mnemosyne 56 (2003): 257–272; Justice and Written Laws in the Formation of the Polis, in: F. J. M. Feldbrugge (ed.), 2003: The Law's Be-ginnings, Leiden/Boston: Martinus Nijhoff. He can be contacted at:

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