Complimentary Addresses

скачать скачать Журнал: Age of Globalization. Number 1 / 2008 - подписаться на статьи журнала

The start of a new theoretical journal for discussion of the most urgent problems of the modern world should undoubtedly be welcome because it is essentially the first periodical of the kind.

Globalization is one of the issues recently attracting a close attention of different layers of population. It provokes sharp discussions and from time to time its followers and opponents fall into serious passion heated up by the loud protest actions on the part of the antiglobalists.

And all this because the focus is on the unresolved and vital problems of modern world touching the interests of the majority of the planet’s inhabitants.

The present ‘dominant influences’ are mostly absorbed with private issues and details of the world life which are ascribed an unrightfully large and sometimes global significance. However, when touching these issues one should determine the attitude towards the main problems of the existence of the present-day humankind.

That is why the coming out of the journal ‘Age of Globalization’ is a well-timed event of current concern.

We should hope that many of the issues discussed in global studies will find their interpretation on the pages of the new journal which I would like to wish great success, bright contributors and also concerned and careful readers.

President of the Russian Philosophical Society,
Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. S. Styopin

Introducing to the scientific and wide public community a new theoretical journal, first I would like to point out its main peculiarity – in the essence it is an interdisciplinary journal and this distinguishes it from the range of periodicals. The primary subject-matter of its contents is defined by the title itself. Globalization and its consequences for the modern world are of special interest today both for the scholars and for the public community. And this means that on the pages of the journal the discussions will progress concerning the most urgent questions and conflicts inherent to the global humanity. In this connection the points of rapprochement and contact should be found for a fruitful dialogue and constructive cooperation of scientists, scholars, and specialists in different fields.

The contents of the first issue already gives reasons to believe that we are dealing with a serious scientific journal aimed at a profound analysis of the crucial problems of modernity, a journal which is oriented toward the future and does not avoid the novelty and burning topics of the present days.

I have no doubt that the journal will have a wide range of contributors: scientists and politicians, philosophers and writers, theorists and persons of practice, representing different worldview positions and also a broad readership exceeding the framework of a pure science.

I would like to wish a great creative success to the editors and contributors and interesting publications to the readers.

Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
President of the Russian Ecological Academy,
Director of the Institute of Global Climate and Ecology of
Roshydromet and the Russian Academy of Sciences Yu. A. Izrael