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Dear readers!

The digest ‘Age of Globalization’, whose second issue is in your hands, is a special English version of the international journal «Век глобализации» published in Russian since 2008. Since that time five issues of the journal, containing about 100 articles devoted to various aspects of globalization, have appeared in print. In this issue we bring some of them to your attention.

The journal ‘Век глобализации’ is a specialized interdisciplinary periodical on global studies, which is in its own way a unique phenomenon in international practice. The journal has become increasingly popular not only with experts in the field of global studies, philosophy, anthropology, history, and other spheres of knowledge dealing with the problems of globalization, but also with a wide audience interested in globalization theory, processes, and methods. The urgency and relevance of the themes of the journal are beyond any doubt. Discussions of these new issues take place at round-table conferences; more and more well-known scientists, as well as political and public figures, are engaged in cooperation. The journal's presentations were held in the largest Russian cities, including the ones on the route of the cultural-educational campaign ‘Philosophical Train’ which traveled from Vladivostok to Moscow and also at international scientific meetings, for example, at the XXII World Congress of Philosophy in Seoul (August 2008), at the International Scientific Conferences in London (September 2009), in Beijing (December 2009), in Moscow (May 2010), at the International Teheran Book Fair (May 2010), and so on.

The basic themes of these publications are theoretical questions of globalization and global studies, global problems, causes and consequences of the World crisis, and Russia's position in the global world. Thematic reviews of the most interesting events of scientific life and recent books are presented. In the section ‘Global Person’ one can find surveys on the activity of those people who have contributed significantly to the development of global studies and were at the origins of this scientific discipline.

We hope that the given issue will be interesting to a wide audience since it provides non-Russian speaking readers with an idea of the thematic scope of the published «Век глобализации» issues.

Supervising Editor   Editor-in-Chief    
L. E. Grinin             A. N. Chumakov