Index of materials published in the journal «Век глобализации» in 2008–2010

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A Word to the Reader

From academician Yu. A. Izrael. From academician V. S. Stepin (pp. 3–4).

From Editorial Board (pp. 5–6).


Chumakov A. N. On the subject and boundaries of Global Studies (pp. 7–16).

Ursul A. D. Global processes, security and sustainable development (pp. 17–22).

Gay W. C. Processes of globalization and the discipline of Global Studies (pp. 23–30).

Inosemtsev V. L. Modern Globalization and its perception in the world (pp. 31–44).

Global problems

Danilov-Danilyan V. I. The рroblem of global shortage of sweet water(pp. 45–56).

Mazour I. I.Global energy security(pp. 57–69).

Veber A. B. Global climate change: Whom to blame? And what to do?(pp. 70–82).

The Nobel Prize for climate study. An interview with academician Yu. A. Israel(pp. 83–85).

The Processes of Globalization

Grinin L. E. Globalization and the processes of transformation of national sovereignty(pp. 86–97).

Kashkin S. Yu., Kalinichenko P. A. The globalization of the domination of Law(pp. 98–108).

Mitrofanova A. V. The religious factor in the world politics and the problem of ‘civilizations’ (pp. 109–119).

Buzgalin A. V. Alterglobalism: Searching for the positive alternative to a new empire(pp. 120–127).

Russia in the Global World

Kapitza S. P. The demographic revolution in Russia(pp. 128–143).

Katsura A. V. ‘World outgoingness’ or Russian path to globalism(pp. 144–153).

A Global Personality

Leibin V. M. Aurelio Peccei: a few strokes to the portrait(pp. 154–158).

Rezhabek B. G. V. I. Vernadsky's theory of Noosphere, the search for the way out of the global crises (pp. 159–167).

Scientific Life

Malyukova O. V. The philosophical-methodological investigations in Global Studies (pp. 168–170).

Kefeli I. F., Plebanek O. V. Global Studies and Geopolitics (a symposium) (pp. 171–173).

Review, abstracts, summaries

Adrov V. M. The discussion on Global Studies encyclopedia in the Scientists' club ‘The Global World’. Gritsenko V. P., Esenkin B. S. ‘Global Studies’ in the context of traditions of Russian messianizm and hypertextuality (pp. 174–184).



Cheshkov M. A. Globality as the Basic Concept of Global Studies (pp. 3–11).

Barlybaev Kh. A. Globalization: Problems of Theory and Practice(pp. 12–20).

Kuçuradi I. Globalization of the Free Market from a Philosophical-ethnic Viewpoint (pp. 21–29).

World Crisis

Khasbulatov R. I. Global Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences(pp. 30–45).

Grinin L. E. The unwanted Child of Globalization. Notes about the Crisis(pp. 46–53).

Global Problems

Dobrovolsky G. V. Soil Degeneration – a Danger of Global Ecological Crisis (pp. 54–65).

Girusov E. V. The Energy of Mankind in Global Dimension (pp. 66–76).

Aleshkovsky I. A., Iontsev V. A. Trends of World Migration in the Globalized World(pp. 77–87).

The Processes of Globalization

Chumakov A. N. The Modern World: on the Threshold of Fundamental Transformations(pp. 88–94).

Djozhkin V. V., Snakin V. V., Popova L. V. Regenerative Natural Management – the Basis of Sustainable Development(pp. 95–113).

Kalachjov B. F. Movement of Narcogenes: from Space to Earth and to the Universe again (pp. 114–128).

Russia in the Global World

Katsura A. V. World Outgoingness or Russian Path to Globalism (pp. 129–141).

Vasilenko V. N. Trialogue on Noosphere Nature and the Destiny of Mankind (pp. 142–145).

Man and Modernity

Yudin B. G. Technoscience, Man, Society: Actuality of Humanitarian Expertise(pp. 146–154).

Markovich D. Zh. Culture of Peace, Tolerance, and Interethnic Relationships(pp. 155–163).

A Global Personality

Kantor K. M. Marx' Doctrine: Universalism and Globalism (pp. 164–171).

Scientific Life, Education

The Faculty of Global Processes in the Lomonosov Moscow State University (pp. 172–181).

Malyukova O. V., Pyrin A. G. Philosophical Methodological Researches in Global Studies (pp. 182–190).

Yaroschuk N. Z. Responses to the Challenges of Modernity (pp. 191–192).

Krasikov V. I. Humanism versus Globalization of Violation(pp. 193–194).

Reviews, Abstracts, Summaries

The Results of the Discussion of the Journal ‘Age of Globalization’(pp. 195–205).



Veber A. B. Modern World and the Problem of Global Management (pp. 3–15).

Guseynov A. A. Once Again about the Possibility of Global Ethnos (pp. 16–27).

Beketov N. V. Globalization as the Process of the Informational-economic Space Organization: Social Aspects of the Development of the World and National Economic Systems (pp. 28–32).

World Crisis

Delyagin M. G. Bases of Modernization Policy under the Conditions of Global Financial Crisis (pp. 33–44).

Yaskevich Ya. S. Economic Crisis and Axiological Reconsideration of the Modern World Order: A Philosophical Reflexion (pp. 45–54).

Global System Crisis and the Models of the World Order (Panel Discussion) (pp. 55–62).

Global Problems

Privalov N. G. On the possible Cataclism of the 2030–2050 (pp. 63–69).

Kolesnikov V. A. From the Understanding of Global Reality to the New Perspective of the XXICentury Education (pp. 70–78).

The Processes of Globalization

Gorelov А. А. Globalization as the Unbiassed Tendency of the World Development (pp. 79–90).

Berger Ya. М.Chinese Model of Globalization (рр. 91–97).

Valieva C. А. Political Projection of Globalization in European Expansion (рр. 98–107).

Russia in the Global World

Katsura А. V.‘World Outgoingness’ or Russian Path to Globalism (the ending) (рр. 108–116).

Sitnyansky G. Yu.RussiaIs Responsiblefor Those Whom It Has Recognized (рр. 117–131).

Sharakshane S. А. The Russian Echo of the World Crisis(рр. 132–135).

Man and Modernity

Buryanov S. А.Freedom of Conscience as Global Value. On the Way to the Political Unanimity and the Decision of Global Problems (рр. 136–151).

Bira Sh.Tengerism (рр. 152–154).

A Global Personality

Stepanyants М. Т.Mahatma Gandhi: ‘The Apostle of Non-violence’ (pp. 155–162).

Kazyutinsky V. V.About Tsiolkovsky (pp. 163–171).

Reviews, Abstracts, Summaries

Shermuhammedov S. Sh. Fundamental Work on Global Studies (pp. 172–174).

Scientific Life

Mantatov V. V. Globalization, Stable Development and Society of the Future (pp. 175–184).

Pyrin A. G.Who is Who and What is What in Global Studies (pp. 185–189).



Akaev A. A., Sadovnichiy V. A. On the Dynamics of the World-Economic Development in the Light of the New Forecasting Approach(pp. 3–16).

Los' V. A. Searching for the Possibility of Categorical Grounds of Global Studies (pp. 17–29).

An' Tsinyan'. New Technological Revolution and Modern World(pp. 30–39).

The Processes of Globalization

Abylgaziev I. I., Ilyin I. V. Processes of Globalization and the Problem of the New World-Economic Development (pp. 40–60).

McCormick P. Globalization and Cosmopolitanism. Claims, Attitudes and Experiences of Friendship (pp. 61–70).

Astvatsaturov A. E., Basilaia M. A. Globalization and Elements of Cosmoharmony (pp. 71–80).

Global Problems

Kamusella T. Central Europe from a Linguistic Viewpoint (pp. 81–91).

Kutyryov V. A. Clash of Cultures with Civilization as a Ground and Reason for International Terrorism(pp. 92–102).

Mamedzade I. R., Rzaeva R. O. Tendencies in the Turkish Public Conscience: From Modernist Style to Postmodernism (pp. 103–116).

World Crisis

Grinin L. E.Will Global Crisis Lead to Global Changes? (рр. 117–140).

Financial Crisis: Philosophical Conceptualization (Results of the Discussion)(рр. 141–148).

Nature and Society

Luk'janenko V. I., Khabarov M. V., Luk'janenko A. V. Homo Consúmens – a Consuming Man (рр. 149–159).

Usmanov E. M. The Role of the International Ecological Right while Controlling the International Environmental Policy (рр. 160–162).

Russia in the Global World

Chumakov A. N.Russia in the Appropriate World: Necessity of Global Decisions(pp. 163–171).

Ksenofontov V. V. Russian World and Globalization (pp. 172–177).

Gurevich P. S. Russia's Image in the Process of Globalization (pp. 178–191).

Global Person

Popkov V. V. Alexander Bogdanov. On the Way of Connecting World-View (pp. 192–205).



Ilyin I. V., Ursul A. D. Evolutionary approach to Global Studies and Education: Theoretical and Methodological Problems (рр. 3–17).

Vasilesku G. Methodoligical aspects of globalistics (рр. 18–29).

The Processes of Globalization

Robertson R. The ‘return’ of religion and the conflicted condition of world order (рр. 30–38).

Eskindarov M. A. Intellectual Capital as the Most Important Factor of the Economic Development (рр. 39–44).

Bestuzhev-Lada I. V. Future is unpredictable but foreseeable (an interview) (рр. 45–52).

Global Problems

Rockmore T. Social Contradictions, Globalization and 9/11 (рр. 53–65).

Taran P. A. Globalization and labour migration: the necessity of politics based on human rights (рр. 66–88).

Tynyanova O. N. National Soverneighty and National Boundaries in the Epoch of Globalization (рр. 89–105).

World Crisis

Gadzhieva V. Global Crisis: Causes, Directions and Solutions (рр. 106–110).

Nature, Society and Human Being

Koryakin Yu. F. Not to be late! (One premise gives an infinity of consequences) (рр. 111–125).

Hrubec M. The Presuppositions of an Intercultural Dialogue on Human Rights (рр. 126–144).

Russia in the Global World

Smitienko B. M. Russia and the Ideas of the United Europe (рр. 145–156).

Markov S. A. A new stage of Russia's strategy at the Caucasus as response to the terror attacks (рр. 157–162).

Kalnoy I. I. What heritage do we refuse from as a result of the historical memory loss? (рр. 163–172).

Denisov S. A. Deviation of ‘the third wave’ of democratization in the world (рр. 173–186).

Events and Comments

Andreev A. I. ‘Urgent problems of global studies’ (рр. 187–189).