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Alexander B. Weber. Ecological imperatives and claims of hegemonism (pp. 3–18).

Nizami М. Mamedov. The development of humanistic ideas as a global process (pp. 19–31).

Humanitarian aspects of Globalistics

Alexander N. Chumakov. The global world in terms of literature (by the example of  M. I. Weller’s works) (pp. 32–44).

Dmitry I. Cherkasov-Kornyushchenko. “The worm-holes” of the novel “The phantom devil”: A global reflexion (pp. 45–58).

Gabriele Munnix. Is the international communication possible? On the importance of an appropriate translation in the world of global relations (pp. 59–69).

Natalya V. Shchennikova. The unity in diversity: To the issue of the research vocabulary of world Englishes paradigm (pp. 70–78).

In the world of global relations

Galina A. Drobot. The rise of China in terms of the Power transition theory (pp. 79–86).

Go Lishuan. “The economic belt of the Silk Road” and the Eurasian Economic Union: peculiarities, advantages, and competition (pp. 87–102).

The global developmental trends

Ivan A. Pfanenshtil, Mikhail P. Yatsenko. Asfatronics as a new constructive approach to the global security system (pp. 103–115).

Orazaly S. Sabden. Global civilization and modernization of social development (pp. 116–128).

Review, congratulations

Tatyana L. Shestova, Yulia E. Ariskina. Globalization in the Big History lens (pp. 129–133).

The 75th anniversary of Nizami Mustafaevich Mamedov (p. 134).