Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №1(25)/2018 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Alexander N. Chumakov, Maxim S. Stychinsky. The Cultural-Civilizationary Dialogue and the Opportunities it Provides in the Global World (pp. 3–14).

Olga G. Leonova. Conceptualization of the Notion “Globalization” in Modern Studies (pp. 15–23).

Igor N. Shapkin. Corporatism or Pluralism? Institutional Models of Interaction between the Modern State and Society (pp. 24–39).

Processes of Globalization

Julia V. Zinkina, Sergey G. Shulghin, Alexey I. Andreev and Ivan A. Aleshkovsky. Demographic Forecasts and Global Integration in the Short and Long-run Perspectives (pp. 40–48).

Dmitry E. Muza. Post-orthogonal Vector of Global Development: to the Logic of Nonlinear Processuality (pp. 49–59).

Timur T. Makhamatov. The West and the East: the Genetics of Spiritual Path (pp. 60–67).

Global Issues

Alexander M. Tarko. Twenty-six Years of Development: What have the Countries of the Former USSR and the Warsaw Treaty Achieved (pp. 68–82).

Galina A. Drobot. USA as the World leader: Realities, Theories, and Prospects (pp. 83–94).

Nature, Society, and Humans

Viktor V. Glebov, Мagomed А. Oziev. Environmental Image of the World in the Minds of Students (pp. 95–99).

Nikolay M. Rakityansky. Great Britain as a Super-subject of the Global Policy in the Space of Mental Studies (pp. 100–111).

Natalia V. Popkova. Place of Technologies in the Evolutionary Picture of the World: Philosophical Concepts and Practical Conclusions (pp. 112–123).

Vyacheslav I. Pleschenko. Social and Economic Phenomena of the Past in the Situation of a Transition to Knowledge Economy (pp. 124–130).

A Global Personality

Mikhail Ch. Zalikhanov, Stanislav A. Stepanov. The Academician N. N. Moiseev and Some of His Methodological Approaches to the Understanding of the Contemporary Scientific Worldview (pp. 131–142).