Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №2(26)/2018 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Sebastiano Fadda. New governance and policy of the post-crisis development (pp. 3–15).

Nikolay N. Nikulin. The gnostic foundations of the process of economic globalization (pp. 16–27).

Processes of Globalization

Leonid E. Grinin. Seven America’s weaknesses and Donald Trump (pp. 28–45).

Stanislav E. Bilyuga. Political stability: Basic approaches to the analysis of stability of political systems (pp. 46–56).

Oleg S. Kocherov. Playing geopolitics: “management of chaos” in the Grand Chess Board versus “establishing order” on the great weiqi board (pp. 57–71).

Global Issues

Sergey Yu. Malkov, Stanislav E. Bilyuga, Anna Yu. Vlasova. The energy and ecological problems of the global development: The Quantitative analysis (pp. 72–88).

Gafur G. Salikhov. The generic and specific definitions of ecology in philosophic terms (pp. 89–100).

Nature, Society, Human

Tszya Syuidun. The Chinese cultural policy and industry in the context of globalization (pp. 101–114).

Mary E. Tucker. Confucianism as a form of religious naturalism (pp. 115–125).

Mustafa I. Bilalov. Global civil society as a civilizational guide for Russia (pp. 126–139).

Oxana V. Hlopkova, Alexander S. Klementyev. Is the secularization of Islam possible? (A view on the transformation of religiosity in the context of globalization) (pp. 140–149).

Askar A. Akaev. The emergence of noospheric civilization in Yu. V. Yakovetz’s works (pp. 150–158).