Журнал: Историческая психология и социология истории. Том 14, номер 1/ 2021 - подписаться на статьи журнала

Stories of the future

Mikhail I. Yanovsky. The image of future society as a psychological problem (pp. 5–11).

Social and psychological surveys of history

Valentin Ts. Golovachyov, Viktor P. Samokhvalov. The pathographies of Tuoba Gui (371–409), the founder of the firstconqueringdynasty in China: the trans-temporal “diagnosis” and the problem of the rulers’ deviations (comparative aspects) (pp. 12–28).

Mikhail A. Tarousin. National problem. Reflections on the current national problems in Russia (pp. 29–41).

Konstantin M. Pistsov. Yuan Shikai, Sima Shi and Cao Cao. An episode from the history of the Xinhai Revolution viewed by the author of a popular picture (pp. 42–58).

Denis A. Korablin. Bon traditions: From spiritual legacy to religious tradition of Tibet (genesis, classification and definition) (pp. 59–74).

Tatyana A. Karassova. The escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian simmering conflict in May 2021 (pp. 75–84).

Comparative and cultural anthropology

Svetlana V. Prozhogina. The Maghrebian literature Francophonie: History, psychology, cultural and sociopolitical reality (pp. 85–100).

Alexander V. Pak. The Christian factor in the policy of strengthening the cultural influence of Russia in Korea in the late 19th – early 20th centuries (pp. 101–113).

Evgheniya S. Yurlova. The problems of Female Inequality in India (pp. 114–129).

Sharif M. Shukurov. From multicultural universalism of the Arab calligraphy to its ethnic peculiarity. Commonality and similarity (pp. 130–141).

Lutfillo K. Atkhatov. Considering the philosophic and orphic views of 'Abd ar-Rahmān Jāmī (pp. 142–146).

Vitaly V. Prudnikov. The image of the Langobards in the chronicles of Norman authors of the 11th – 12th centuries (Part 1) (pp. 147–165).

Nikolay S. Rozov. Difficulty and simplicity of languages: the social and evolutionary explanation (pp. 166–183).

Essay on the present

Svetlana V. Prozhogina. The lament over Yaroslavna, or the diversity of opinions in Russian academia (pp. 184–202).


Sergey A. Arutyunov. The Oriental beauty. On the book by E. L. Skvortsova ‘The Japanese aesthetics of the 20th century”. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg: The Center of Humanitarian initiatives, 2021, 592 p. (pp. 203–215).


Alexey Yu. Karpov. On the previously read (pp. 216–219).

Alexander A. Kazakov. Once again about the publication of A. I. Pliguzov's works (following A. Yu. Karpov`s “remark”) (pp. 220–225).