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Historical Psychology & Sociology: Contents and Abstracts

Social and psychological surveys of history

Elena L. Skvortsova. The Japanese Philosophers of the Twentieth Centuries about the connection between Tea Ceremony and the Category of Nothingness (pp. 5–22).

Marina A. Neglinskaya. Abstract Expressionism in the Drawings of Wu Guanzhong in the 1990s (pp. 23–32).

Konstantin M. Pistsov. Wu Han`s Preface to the Book “Biography of Zhu Yuanzhang” (pp. 33–44).

Vladimir A. Somov. How the Komsomol was Tempered. The Reflections on the Novel by Nikolay A. Ostrovsky (pp. 45–53).

Comparative and cultural anthropology

Dmitry M. Timokhin. Migration of the nomadic Turkic peoples of Desht-i Qipchaq in the lands of Khorasan and Maverannahr in the 12th century in the texts of Muslim historians of the 12th – the first half of the 13th century (pp. 54–71).

Vitaly V. Prudnikov. The image of the Langobards in the chronicles of the Norman authors of the 11th – 12th centuries (Part II) (pp. 72–89).

Oksana V. Moskaletz. Education as an important socio-cultural factor in the development of society (by the example of Egypt) (pp. 90–101).

Svetlana V. Prozhogina. A view on the post-colonial reality (pp. 102–110).

Leonid E. Grinin. The Formation of the Early State in Hawaii and the Problems of Stategenesis (pp. 111–139).

Valery K. Zakharov. From Complicated World and Human to Synthecracy (pp. 140–158).

Ahmad Ardi, Nikolay P. Maletin. ASEAN and STR in 2010–2020: Urgent Problems of International Relations (pp. 159–166).

The Heritage

Pavel А. Florensky. Conception of organ projection (pp. 167–182).


Rinat M. Ziganshin. Review of D. A. Korablin’s book (pp. 183–201).