Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №1(45)/2023 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Vladimir I. Krasikov. Global justice: main conceptualization (pp. 3-16)

Yury V. Loskutov. Substantial ontology and the solution of global environmental problems (pp. 17-30)

World Development Trends

Valery V. AndrianovRestructuring of world energy market as a consequence of the sanctions policy of the collective West (pp. 31-45)

Tamara N. Yudina, Zhao Ruoqing, Wang Shang. Yuanization as a trigger of economic globalization and regionalization, and its prospects (pp. 46-57)

In the world of global relations

Igor I. Abylgaziev, Elena S. Vasetsova, Igor S. Egorov.The role of information warfare in a hybrid conflict between the state of Qatar and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (pp. 58-72)

Yuri V. BarbarukContours of Food Transformation: Global Diet and Sovereignty (pp. 73-86)

Humanitarian Aspects of Globalistics

Nikolai N. Kozhevnikov, Vera S. DanilovaMethodological Approaches to Teaching the Humanities disciplines in the Globalizing World (pp. 87-96)

Zhanna Е. VavilovaPhilosophical Meanings of the Virtual Ghetto (pp. 97-106)

Russia in the global world

Sergey Yu. Chapchikov, Elena A. Shergunova. Transformation of private and public principles in Russian insurance in the context of globalization (pp. 107-118)

Viktoriya V. Smirnova. Globalization in agricultural production in Russia (pp. 119-127)

Global persona

Alexander N. Chumakov. Roland Robertson and his contribution to global studies (pp. 128-141)

In memoriam

Khasbulatov Ruslan Imranovich (22.11.1942–03.01.2023) (pp. 142)