Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №3(47)/2023 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Askar A. Akayev. The process of the generation of a new just multipolar world order and prospects for its formation (pp. 3-18)

Alexander N. Chumakov. Globalization or deglobalization? (pp. 19-34)

Ilya V. Ilyin. New approaches to the study of the phenomenon of globalization in foreign science (pp. 35-47)

Humanitarian aspects of global studies

Alexey V. Volobuyev. Ethics of artificial Intelligence, Discrimination and Inequality (pp. 48-62)

Maria Ye. Goryunova, Stanislav E. Bilyuga, Yulia V. Zinkina.  Impact of domestic political factors in different countries on socio-political destabilization: experience of quantitative analysis (pp. 63-77)

Ruslan D. Grebnev. Theoretical and methodological aspects of regionalization of a multipolar world (pp. 78-89)

In the world of global relations

Leonid E. Grinin. Accelerating reconfiguration of the World-System in connection with SMO and possible future scenarios.  Art. 2. Possible scenarios for the Reconfiguration of the World-System and world order (pp. 90-115)

Tair M. Makhamatov,  Mamadzhon A. Mamatov, Dildor A. Pulatova,Global existential space (pp. 116-126)

Marat A. Sarsembaev, Bekmyrza S. Karazhan, Akerke E. Elegen. Legal aspects of global digitalization in transport and agricultural engineering (on the example of Kazakhstan and Russia) (pp. 127-137)

Scientific life 

Viktor A. Los’. V.V. Zagladin and I.T. Frolov: the unique tandem of Soviet global studies (pp. 138-148)

Nikolay G. Rybal’sky. The 30TH  anniversary of Russian Ecological Academy (pp. 149-156)

Reviews, annotations

Mikhail P. Yatsenko. Globalistics: formation, development, prospects( to the publication of the collective monograph) (pp. 157-172)


Stepanov S. A. is 80 years old (pp. 173)

N. G. Rybalsky is 70 years old (pp. 174)