Журнал: Философия и общество. Выпуск №4(109)/2023 - подписаться на статьи журнала

Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History

Grinin L. E., Grinin A. L., Grinin I. L. Artificial Intelligence: Development and Concerns. A Look into the Future. Article two. Artificial Intelligence: Terra Incognita or a Controlled Force? (pp. 5–32).

Myasnikov A. G. On the Variation-modularity of Contemporary Social and Practical Philosophy (pp. 3347).

Zharov A. M. Evolution and Scientific Progress. Understanding the Views of Alexander Bird (pp. 4858).

Ignatenko E. A. Current Fashion Trends of Modern Times (Social Conditioning of the Latest Trends in Fashion Development) (pp. 5969).

Ontology and Theory of Knowledge

Prokhorov M. M. Simulative Language for Expressing Worldview Consciousness (pp. 7089).

Rodzinsky D. L. Mystical Foundations of Rationalism (pp. 90–103).


Razin A. V. The Methodology of Kant and Hegel in the Light of Scientific Methods of Cognition (pp. 104–124).

Antipov A. V. Bioethics and Issues Related to Dying in the Context of the Development of Organ Donation (pp. 125141).


Congratulations to the Editorial Director of “Filosofia i obschestvo” Journal Leonid Grinin on His 65th Anniversary! (p. 142).