Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №2(30)/2019 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Vladislav L. Inozemtsev. Economy and policy of globalization: the lessons of the past for the present and future (pp. 3–15).

Tu Weiming. The spiritual humanism: personality, society, Earth and Heaven (pp. 16–37).

Alexander N. Chumakov. The peculiarities of education in the sphere of global studies: the urgent issues (pp. 38–48).

Processes of Globalization

Arkadi D. Ursul. The establishment of education of the global world (pp. 49–60).

Natalia V. Popkova. The formation of global technosphere: stages and prospects (pp. 61–73).

Eugeniya V. Antipina. The theory of cyclical development in the 20th – early 21st centuries: the crisis of theory in the age of digital revolution (pp. 74–86).

Global problems

Yana V. Mischenko. The global aspect of the nuclear energy security (by the example of Japan after Fukushima nuclear disaster) (pp. 87–96).

Vladislav I. Stolyarov. The failure of the humanistic mission of Olympism and humanistic sport movement as a global problem of the modern world (pp. 97–110).

Tatyana F. Kuznetsova. The digital culture in the light of theoretical foundations of the new institutional economy (pp. 111–120).

Nature, Society, and Humans

Gennady I. Vanyurikhin. Karl Marx and the problems of popular self-government (to the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx) (pp. 121–128).

Chang Kwang-chih. The multipolar and harmonious coexistence, common future and creation of ‘a society with a common destiny’ (pp. 129–135).

Ernest G. Kochetov. The contours of Russia’s future: strategy of ‘a geoeconomic course’ (pp. 136–148).

In memoriam

Ghirussov Eduard Vladimirovich (July 26, 1932 – May 26, 2019) (pp. 149–150).