Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №1(33)/2020 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Leonid E. Grinin, Anton L. Grinin. Global ageing and the future of the global world (pp. 3–20).

Vladimir I. Krasikov. The harbinger of the global chaos? Factors and actors of the global instability (pp. 21–27).

Alexander M. Starostin. The new philosophy of the global polycentric world (pp. 28–40).

Gennady I. Lovetsky, Viktor G. Kosushkin, Pavel V. Samylov. Аlexander L. Chizhevsky and Oswald Spengler about the periodization of the world-historical process: The development of ideas and Global Studies (pp. 41–56).

Global problems

Gennady S. Rozenberg. The global ecology: Origin and current situation (pp. 57–70).

Eduard S. Demidenko, Elena A. Dergachyova. The alternating evolution of life in the situation of social-technological development of the earth (pp. 71–82).

Tair М. Makhamatov, Timur Т. Makhamatov. The West and the East in terms of formation of the global civilization (pp. 83–92).

Nature, Society, and Humans

Igor I. Abylgaziyev, Elena S. Vasetsova. The relations between China and Russia within the changing world order (pp. 93–101).

Alla A. Melnikova. Terrorism in the epoch of globalization: The dangerous media communications (pp. 102–108).

Natascha Kienstra. The ethic education in the context of globalization (pp. 109–119).

Russia in the Global World

Ayrat М. Bagautdinov, Ruslan A. Bagautdinov. Globalization and moral contradictions of the information society (pp. 120–125).

Kirill V. Gadzatsev. Challenges and threats of the Russia’s energetic security (pp. 126–134).