Журнал: Век глобализации. Выпуск №2(34)/2020 - подписаться на статьи журнала


Arkadi D. Ursul, Tatyana A. Ursul. Global Studies and the concept of Sustainable Development (pp. 3–17).

Alexey N. Ilyin. The results of neoliberal globalization: A space for discussion (pp. 18–32).

Valeriya I. Spiridonova. The imperative of a return to national identity as a basis for the polycentric world (pp. 33–44).

Global Issues

Dmitry G. Yegorov, Angela V. Yegorova. Global Warming and economic theory: The overcoming of the world civilization crisis (pp. 45–54).

Alexey Ye. Belyantsev. “Supertechnologies”: Global threats and social-political consequences of the NBIC-convergence (pp. 55–61).

Aza D. Iosseliany. Global digital society and social adaptation to the on-line reality (pp. 62–71).

Nature, Society, and Human

Vladimir Yu. Lukyanov. Harmonization of the system of international relations in the 21st century: the implementation of historical experience (pp. 72–84).

Viktor A. Savchenko. Subjectivism and revolution in the age of information technologies (pp. 85–94).

Russia in the Global World

Olga A. Nikolaychuk, Nikita O. Bondarenko. Russia in the search for the path of economic development (pp. 95–103).

Olga G. Leonova. The dynamics of Russia’s “soft power” ranking (pp. 104–118).

Anastasiya V. Mitrofanova. The theology of liberation in modern Russian-language science fiction (pp. 119–133).

In Memoriam (p. 134)