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Alexander I. Neklessa. The Struggle for the Future. Methodological and Prognostic Aspects of Civilizational Competition (pp. 3–18).

Arkadiy D. Ursul. A Global Approach in Modern Science (pp. 19–35).

Ilkham R. Mamedzade, Tair M. Makhamatov. From Religious-Ethnic to Global Civilization: Civilization of the Turkic-Muslim World (pp. 36–46).

Global Issues

Anton L. Grinin. Analyzing the Global Problems of the 21st Century. A Review and Forecast Based On the Report to the Club of Rome ‘Come On!’ (pp. 47–64).

Viktor I. Danilov-Danil'yan. Global Climate Changes and Water Problems in Russia and in the World (pp. 65–78).

Malika R. Azimova. Sustainable Development of the Eurasian Space as a Guarantee of Its Security (pp. 79–89).

Processes of Globalization

Nikolay G. Rybalsky. Global Natural Processes and the Fate of Civilization (pp. 90–96).

Viktor S. Levitzky. From Universal Modernity to Pluralism of Project Globalization (pp. 97–111).

Svetlana M. Ostapenko. Cultural and Educational Environment in an Era of Civilizational Transitions (pp. 112–126).

Nature, Society, and Human

Pavel L. Karabushchenko, Leonid Ya. Podvoysky. The Elite and Globalism (pp. 127–138).

Sergey G. Shulgin, Yulia V. Zinkina, Andrey V. Korotayev. The Relationship of Value Orientations and Demographic Behavior: A Global Analysis (pp. 139–154).

In Memoriam

Ursul Arkady Dmitriyevich (pp. 155–156).

Kazmin Arnold Konstantinovich (pp. 157–158).