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A Century of Global Changes

Leonid E. Grinin, Anton L. Grinin. Americanism and Globalization. Part two. Global issues and the Future of the US and the World (pp. 3–53).

Vyacheslav K. Kolomiets. Russia and Italy: Trends of Historical Development of the 20th – the Beginning of the 21st Centuries as the Interaction of Spatially Integrated Social Realities (pp. 54–84).

The Link between Epochs

Yury A. Pustovoyt. Political Subjectivity of the Generations in Siberian Cities in the Context of the Mobilization Agenda of Regional Political Actors (pp. 85–110).

Vitaliy V. Tkachev. Development of the Views of the Irkutsk Province's Residents on the Art Exhibitions in the Early 20th Century: Based on the Periodicals (pp. 111–121).

In Memoriam

Ivan Arshakovich Gobozov (10.11.1938 – 08.09.2021) (pp. 122–123).