Chumakov A. N.

Chumakov A. N.
Фамилия:  Chumakov
Имя:  Alexander
Отчество:  Nikolaevich

Ph.D. Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy in the Finance Academy under the Government of Russian Fereration, Vice-President of Russian Philosophical Society.

More than 380 authored academic publications. Editor of more than 50 books, textbooks, dictionaries.

Professional activity: lecturer, researcher, administrator; the First Vice-President of the Russian Philosophical Society; leading Research Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences; head of the Chair of Philosophy at the Financial University of the Government of the Russian Federation; editor-in-chief of the “RFO Bulletin”; editor-in-chief of “The Age of Globalization”; deputy Editor-in-chief of «Humanities. Bulletin of the Financial University»; editor-in-chief of a periodical «Works of the RFO Members»; member of the Dissertation Board on Philsophy; member of the Presidium of the Teaching and Methodological Board on Philosophy, Political Science and Religion Studies of the Teaching and Methodological Council on Classical University Education; member of the Research and Methodological Council on Philosophy of the Education Ministry of the RF; editor-in-chief of the Global Studies Encyclopedia (2003) and Dictionary (2006), the Russian and English versions.

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