Cosmic, Biological, and Social

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2011. – 296 pp.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Robert L. Carneiro, Аndrey V. Korotayev, Fred Spier
ISBN 978-5-7057-2784-1
Editorial Council:
H. Barry III (USA), Yu. Е. Berezkin (Russia), M. L. Butovskaya (Russia), R. Carneiro (USA), Ch. Chase-Dunn (USA), V. V. Chernykh (Russia), H. J. M. Claessen (Netherlands), D. Christian (Australia), S. Gavrilets (USA), А. V. Dybo (Russia), K. Yu. Es'kov (Russia), I. V. Ilyin (Russia), N. N. Iordansky (Russia), A. A. Kazankov (Russia), E. S. Kul'pin (Russia), G. G. Malinetsky (Russia), A. V. Markov (Russia), A. Yu. Militarev (Russia), M. V. Mina (Russia), А. P. Nazaretyan (Russia), E. B. Naymark (Russia), A. D. Panov (Russia), Zh. I. Reznikova (Russia), B. H. Rodrigue (USA), P. Skalník (Czech Republic), F. Spier (Netherlands), D. White (USA).

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The almanac is helpful for those who study interdisciplinary macroproblems as well as for specialists working within specific trends, and also for those who to a greater or lesser extent are interested in the evolutionary problems of astrophysics, geology, biology, history, anthropology, linguistics; who long for being familiar with the newest achievements in the humanities, natural and social sciences.

This issue initiates the series of almanac under the common title Evolution, which is supposed to unite researchers working in all fields of evolutionary studies.

The almanac tends to offer a wide range of subject themes and problems: from universal evolutionary approaches to the analysis of specific evolutionary regularities in the development of animate and inanimate nature, society, culture, cognition, language etc. The present issue may be regarded as a collective effort dedicated to the search for the contours and specifics of evolutionary megaparadigms. In addition, in this issue we have tried to present articles that study problems on various scales. Yet in general this issue deals with studies on very large temporal and spatial scales, in other words: the issues of mega- and macroevolution.



Introduction. Evolutionary Megaparadigm: Potential, Problems, Perspectives
       Full text (.doc, .pdf) 5

I. Universal Evolution

Fred Spier How Big History Works: Energy Flows and the Rise and Demise of Complexity
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 30
Robert L. Carneiro Stellar Evolution and Social Evolution: A Study in Parallel Processes Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 66

II. Biological and Social forms of Evolution: Connections and Comparisons

Graeme D. Snooks Constructing a General Theory of Life: The Dynamics of Human and Non-human Systems Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 84
Edmundas Lekevičius Ecological Darwinism or Preliminary Answers to Some Crucial though Seldom Asked Questions Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 101
Zhanna Reznikova Evolutionary and Behavioural Aspects of Altruism in Animal Communities: Is There Room for Intelligence? Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 122
Leonid E. Grinin, Alexander V. Markov, and Andrey V. Korotayev Biological and Social Aromorphoses: A Comparison between Two Forms of Macroevolution
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 162

III. Aspects of Social Evoluton

Dmitri M. Bondarenko, Leonid E. Grinin,Andrey V. Korotayev Social Evolution: Alternatives and Variations (Introduction)
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 212

Christopher Chase-Dunn Evolution of Nested Networks in the Prehistoric U.S. Southwest: A Comparative World-Systems Approach Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 251
Francis Heylighen Conceptions of a Global Brain: An Historical Review Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 274

Reviews and Notes