Globalistics and globalization studies

Globalistics and globalization studies

Current and Future Trends in the Big History Perspective

Volgograd: ‘Uchitel’ Publishing House, 2021. – 368 pp.
Edited by Leonid E. Grinin, Ilya V. Ilyin,and Andrey V. Korotayev
ISBN 978-5-7057-6067-1

Over the last few years, particularly in the last couple of years, the situation in the world has been rapidly changing. In fact, there is a strong impression that its development goes with more and more increased speed. The World System experiences really dramatic transformations which exacerbate conflicts and tension, disasters and scares as well as turbulence and backslides in the society. We suppose that a new tide of globalization will result from the started formation of the new world order which in many respects will be associated with regulation of global agreements and mechanisms connected with activities on climate change and ecology. This volume presents views on globalization and global issues from different angles. We investigate current processes both in more depth and from the Big History perspective. The present volume is already the eighth volume in the series ‘Globalistics and Globalization Studies’ touching a broad range of subjects within Global Studies. The volume has a subtitle – ‘Current and Future Trends in the Big History Perspective’.

The volume has a traditional structure and consists of three parts. Part 1 is entitled ‘The Present and Future of the Global World’ and comprises eight contributions considering different phenomena currently observed in the globalized world and giving an insight into the future. The second Part is entitled ‘Political and Cultural Global Trends’ and consists of ten contributions covering different social and political aspects of current globalization. Finally, seven contributions of ‘Part III. Big History Studies’ consider various issues associated with Big History.


Preface  (Full text)


John Marc Widdowson. Societal Impacts of Covid-19: Lessons from History for the Global Ecumene (Full text)

Leonid E. Grinin and Anton L. Grinin. How Can Covid-19 Change Geopolitics and Economy? (Full text)

Andrea Komlosy. Crises, Long Waves, and World-System Analysis (Full text)

Endre Kiss. The Present Dialogue between Nature and Society or the Mutuality of Nature Preservation and Society Protection (Full text)

Tijana Cupic. Women and Drug Trafficking – Women Empowerment in an Illicit Business? (Full text)

Vladimir N. Alalykin-Izvekov. Pestilence as a Phenomenon: Past, Present, and Future (Full text)

David J. LePoire. Preparing for the 21st Century Existential Risks (Full text)

Ivan Aleshkovski and Valentina Bondarenko. Towards a New Paradigm of Global Development (Full text)


Ilya V. Ilyin and Olga G. Leonova. On ‘Non-Global’ Globalization and New Features of Political Globalization (Full text)

Leonid E. Grinin. Islamism and Globalization (Full text)

Zoran Vitorovic, Luigi Santacroce, Marijana Secibovic, and Andrei Gorokhov. Science Diplomacy: Science for Diplomacy, Diplomacy for Science (Full text)

Kleidy Yanira Espinoza Martínez. The US Methods and Goals to Destabilize Venezuela (Full text)

John Marc Widdowson. Fission, Fusion and Quantisation in Global Political Evolution (Full text)

Andrey Korotayev, Julia Zinkina, Elena Slinko, and Kira Meshcherina. Human Values and Modernization: A Global Analysis (Full text)

Olga Yu. Kornienko. Cultural Identity and Sexual Tolerance (Full text)

Evgeny V. Melokumov. Peacemaking in Sobornost’: The Experience of the Russian People in the Great Patriotic War and the World Peace or Common Deed International Relations with the Principle of Equal Economic Security in the 21st Century (Full text)

Abraham Althonayan, Elizaveta E. Tarasova, and Elena V. Isaenko. The Role of Higher Educational Institutions in the Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) (Full text)

Gilbert Ahamer. Transnational Quality Criteria for “Global Studies” Curricula (Full text)


David J. LePoire. Exploring Time Patterns in Big History (Full text)

Sergey N. Grinchenko. Ontogenesis of the Information Society and Phylogenesis of the Informational Personality in the Light of Cybernetics (Full text)

Eudald Carbonell and Policarp Hortolà. From Past Unaware Hominisation to Future Conscious Humanisation: Social Evolution in Perspective and Prospective (Full text)

Leonid E. Grinin and Anton L. Grinin. Big History and the Cybernetic Revolution: The Technological Dimension (Full text)

Andrey Korotayev and David John LePoire. The Singularity in Big History (Full text)

Marc Widdowson. Can Humanity Escape the Earth? (Full text)

Anton Grinin and Leonid Grinin. Are We on the Threshold of Cyborgization? (Full text)