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Contents and Abstracts

No. 1(39)/2021

Nature and Society

Anton I. Kogan. On the socio-natural aspects of formation of traditional livelihood strategy in the Pamir-Hindukush region (pp. 3–27).


Vladimir I. Pantin. Russia and the West in the 2020s: The prospects of geopolitical revolution (pp. 28–53).

Scientific Discussions

Boris M. Kondorsky. On the statehood issue in the Ukrainian history (pp. 54–81).

Viktor A. Kovalev. Between Eros and Tanatos: Utopia and Anti-utopia in the works of Ivan Efremov (article two) (pp. 82–110).


Ivan A. Babosha. The comparative and cognitive analysis of the notion of democracy in the Polish and German public discourse (pp. 111–123).