Introduction 5

I. Evolution and Understanding of Big History

David Christian The Evolution of Big History: A Short Introduction
Abstract 20

Fred Spier Big History Research: A First Outline
Abstract 26

Eric J. Chaisson Cosmic Evolution – More Than Big History by Another Name
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 37

Alexander Mirkovic Big History and the End of History
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 49

Barry Rodrigue The Evolution of Macro-History in the United States
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 71

Fig. John Mears, David Christian, Tom Gehrels, Eric Chaisson, Fred Spier (left to right). Big History panel at the Fourth In-ternational Conference of The Historical Society, Boothbay Harbor, Maine (USA) June 2004. Photograph by Kim Dionne.

Akop Nazaretyan Mega-Evolution and Big History
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 82

II. Big History's Trends and Phases

G. Siegfried Kutter Stars, Life and Society: Evolution in the Making
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 101

Tom Gehrels The Chandra Multiverse
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 121

Walter Alvarez , Alessandro Montanari
and David Shimabukuro
Ex Libro Lapidum Historia Mundi: Reading History Written in Rocks
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 145

Leonid E.Grinin,
Andrey V. Korotayev,
Alexander V. Markov
Biological and Social Phases of Big History: Similarities and Diversities of Evolution Principles and Mechanisms
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 158

David Hookes The Evolution of Information Systems: From the Big Bang to the Era of Globalisation
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 199

Diagram. The evolution of information systems: From the Big Bang to the Internet

Alexander Panov Post-singular Evolution and Post-singular Civilizations
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 212

III. Essays on Big History

Nigel Hughes The Change We Can Believe In: Ten Facts about the Evolution of the Earth-Life System and their Relevance to current Global Environmental Change
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 232

Jos Werkhoven Once upon a Time… There was a Story to be Told…
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 239

Fig. 1b. From Powers of Ten, P. and P. Morrison (1985: 21–103)

Erika K. H. Gronek And Then There Was You…: A Children's Story of Science and Emotion
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 253

Erika K. H. Gronek

Paula Metallo Brain Stretching: Art and Big History
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 256

Fig. 2. Particular, mosaic, Pompeiano, year 79 CE

Gary Lawless Big History, Bioregionalism and Geopoetics
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 264

Esther Quaedackers A little big history of Tiananmen
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 269

Roland Saekow From Concept to Reality: Developing a Zoomable timeline for Big History
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 281

James Tierney Two Themes Inherent in Big History
Abstract, Full text (.doc, .pdf) 287