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Globalization Processes

Yuri D. Granin. A New Form of Globalization and Russia's Civilizational Specificity (pp. 3–16).

Sergey B. Kuzmin. Hazardous Natural Processes – A Global Threat of Modern Times (pp. 17–29).

Gilbert Ahamer. A New Perspective on the History of Geography Through the Lens of Globalization (pp. 30–42).

Orazaly S. Sabden. Modernization of Societal Development and a New Paradigm of State Governance (pp. 43–56).

In the World of Global Relations

Leonid Y. Grinin. How Radical Islamism Affects Destabilization in the Countries of the Afrasian Macro-Zone of Instability (pp. 57–74).

Olga G. Leonova. The Emerging Balance of Power in the ‘Indo-Pacific’ (pp. 75–88).

Ilya I. Ivliev. Global and Regional Aspects of the Indo-Pakistani Conflict (pp. 89–98).

Mariya B. Ponyavina. Educational Challenges in a Globalized World: Lessons from the 2020 Pandemic (pp. 99–108).

Russia in the Global World

Igor I. Abylgaziev, Elena S. Vasetsova. The Results of the Russian Presidency of the SCO and BRICS in 2020 (pp. 109–117).

Rimma V. Dorokhina, Sergey V. Lavryonov. Ethical Problems of Digitalization in the Education System (pp. 118–123).

Reviews, Congratulations

Tatyana G. Leshkevich, Alexander M. Starostin. The Path of Philosophy is Paved with Precedents (pp. 124–131).

Snakin V. V. Ecology, Global Natural Processes and the Evolution of the Biosphere. Encyclopaedic Dictionary (p. 132).

The 80th Anniversary of Igor Konstantinovich Lisseyev (p. 133).

The 65th Anniversary of Igor Ishenaliyevich Abylgaziyev (p. 134).